Many have been clamouring for Nigerians to patronize made in Nigeria goods.
Looking to boost local production, the federal government has raised duties on luxury goods such as yachts and Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) imported into the country. This was contained in a circular by the minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun, to the Nigeria Customs Service.

This year, some luxury and consumable items that have local alternatives but are imported into the country will be attracting higher import duties. This means that there might be a rise in the prices of some consumable goods until the demand for them is met locally.

1. SUVs, boats, sports cars and other vessels used for pleasure

The import duty for yachts and other luxury automobiles has been increased from 20% to 70%. Importers of these are now to pay 70% of the value of the vehicles as taxes (duties) to the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS). Duties for used cars popular known as Tokunbo, has been increased from 10% to 35%.

2. Sugar cane and salt

The import duty for sugar cane and salt which used to be 10% has now been increased to 70%.

3. Alcoholic spirit, beverages and tobacco

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Importers of alcoholic spirit, beverages and tobacco are now to pay 60% of the value of the goods. The new rate is a jump from the 20% which they currently enjoy.

4. Cotton and fabrics materials

The 35% enjoyed by importers has been increased to 45%.

5. Rice

The federal government has increased the tariff on imported rice from 10% to 60%.

6. Packaged cement

It has been increased from 10% to 50%.

7. Some drugs such as anti-malarial and antibiotics, crude palm oil, wheat flour, tomatoes paste, and cassava products are also affected in the upward review of duties.