Though there are still other cheap and unlimited free browsing alternative, people still need something that is like or close to what magic SIM offered.

The truth is that it won’t be really easy to get something like that so quick but with a little time, it will come up and I will share it here with you guys.

The one am currently testing since yesterday is proving too stubborn but when itconcurwith me, all of us will benefit.


For the main time, Whatsapp @ 08060518174 for all networks unlimited browsing and The only drawback is that it disconnects often anytime you want to use it to download large files.

Apart from that, it is smooth and blazing. You can use it in phone and also on PC.


How To Set It Up On Netloop VPN
You need to download Netloop vpn


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Launch it and tick Enable Proxy

> Proxy host:

> Proxy Port: 8080

> Enable header tweaking

> Choose tweak type: Injection

> Inject query/url: /frequently.html

> Inject Host: /frequently.html

> Injection line: press enter 4 times

> Now go back to the android simple
server main menu, and tap “Local server settings”

> buffer size: 8092

> Concurrent connection: 10

> Go to log level and select “DEBUG”.

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Click Connect and flex.

How To Use It On Netify**

Download Netify


Tick remove port

proxy type- REAL HOST

proxy server-

Or /frequently.html

real proxy type- inject

real proxy port-80

Click on save

Accept whole device tunneling

Click the Ninja icon to go to more
options menu and tick connect through an HTTP


PORT– 8080

Go back and tap the connect button.

Enjoy while it last.